Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rabbi Zidni 'ilma

(20:114) وقُلْ ربِّ زِدْنِي عِلْماً




منادى مضاف لياء المتكلم المحذوفه

فعل امر


Evocation (Calling out, hidden “oh”)

Rabb is connected to pronoun “my” (which has been dropped) to form “my lord”.

The “my” pronoun can be dropped because nasb pronouns are allowed to be omitted. The indication of the drop is with the kasra on "ب"

second person command verb (active)

the object of the verb is the rest of the sentence




وعملا ً مفعول به ثان

اؤ تميز

فعل امر والنون للوقاية

والياء مفعول به اوٌل

Second object to the command verb

تميز is a noun that removes the ambiguity or

Command verb (Active)

The “nun” is the “nun” of protection (because it protects the end of the word from any change. It doesn’t hold any meaning)

“ya” (meaning “my”) is the first object of the command verb

Meaning: and say: My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.

Source: Irab-ul-Quran - Muhuddin Darwish


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umar said...

Is it rabbi or rabba in arabic you have typed rabba

Hafsa said...

Assalamu Alaykum, Br. Umar

Jazak Allah for your comment.

The sign on the "ba" is actually a kasra (or zair) - not fatha (or zabar)

You can tell the difference by where it is placed - below or the above the shadda (or tashdeed)

Ilyasxlnc said...

What is the exact meaning of Ilma, can I keep this as a name for a girl.

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