Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Introducing the authors

Hafsa: QLC opened the door for Hafsa to learn Arabic, three years ago in 2005. Now, for a year, Hafsa has been a student of Mufti Yusuf Mullan, of the Toronto Shariah Program. Hafsa's an avid learner of the language, with a keen interest in Qur'anic Arabic.

Humairah: Hailing from the Middle East, Humairah has a good command on every day Arabic vocabulary. Humairah started off with Quran Learning Course (QLC), and is currently studying with the Toronto Shariah Program. In addition, Humairah is a teaching assistant to an Introductory Arabic course on SunniPath this summer 2007.

Kahkashan: Kahkashan started off with QLC as well, and joined the Toronto Shariah program at the same time as Hafsa and Humairah, in February 2006. She now teaches the QLC course in Pickering.


In life, we often learn and experience new things, and often, that creates a desire within us to do something different, to initiate a change that will make an everlasting impact, to spread waves that are as powerful as the waves in the ocean and to open up a new door into an exciting world, colorful, better and... just different :)

That doesn't really have anything to do with Arabic, does it? I thought so!

The purpose of this blog, inshallah, will be to educate ourselves (the authors), and our readers with what we consider interesting and informative in the language. Our goal will be to be resourceful (so you'll find lots of link on the side), diverse (so from time-to-time we'll have guest writers), and educational (we'll teach you what we learn in our style).

We'll talk about verbs (lots of them!), verses from the Qur'an, grammatical complexities, beauty of the language, and if you're lucky, we'll even talk about our exciting journeys to seek knowledge :D

Personally, I'm honored to be part of this blog with 2 of my friends, so we will strive to bring the best in us.

And our dua is...

Allahumma 'allimna ma yanfa 'una, wa anfa 'na bima 'allamtana wa zidna 'ilma. (Ibn Majah)

اللهُمَّ علِّمنا مَا يَنْفَعُنا وَانْفَعْنا بِما عَلَّمتَنَا وزِدْنَا عِلما
[O Allah, help us learn what is beneficial to us, help us benefit from what You have enabled us to learn, and increase to our knowledge.]